Jennifer Kovacs Franson

Profile Updated: June 16, 2008
Residing In: Wyoming, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Brian
Occupation: mom and teach homeschool high school class
Children: Emma- born 2000
Sara- born 2002
Ella- born 2007
Yes! Attending Reunion

I've been homeschooling my two oldest daughters but will be putting them into a charter school this fall. Outside of my fabulous family, I've been very active in promoting Israel. In 2004 my hubby let me go to Israel with a group called Stand With Us - awesome! After that,I organized an educational night for the public and continue to teach Israel/Middle East history! I love it!! And I get involved politically a bit too. So with 3 kids and a loving hubby- my cup runneth over!
I don't know for sure about the reunion, but I'll try!

School Story:

Oh my gosh, four square, track and field day, sand dunes, talent shows ;)
Good times!!! There's also this song out that my brother Jeremy played for me - "27 Jennifers" - and that reminds me of school because there were at least 3 in my class! (at least early on) It was so common! and it's a funny song! Then there's the 3 Jason's in my class-Vanskyhock,Fuller and Shier - hey, how you guys doing?
I also remember random things like 2nd grade trips to Mr. Holbrooks house - the valley!!! I remember the nicest guy - Andy Johnston who left in 7th grade! But yet he still came and saw me when I was in the hospital after my accident - I so appreciated that! Hey Andy if you ever read this -thanks!!!
I have all fond and endearing memories, I just pray my girls school experience will be similar to mine!

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Me and hubby!
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Me and hubby!