Christopher Hubbard

Profile Updated: June 9, 2008
Residing In: St. Joseph, MI
Occupation: a Creative Director at ARS Advertising
Children: None.
For the Children's sake.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since 1997?!?


Barely graduated high school,
went to NMC for a year, and dropped most of my
classes. Then went to CMU, graduated. Somehow ended up doing exactly what I was meant to do.

It's all a bit blurry. Probably cause of the drugs.

School Story:

Here is a list of my best memories....

Stealing Milk with Jon Shire

Farting in a can with Aaron Shire

I don't even remember her name...just "to the office" is all that comes to mind

senior trip

Making a jump shot in a game, and breaking my wrist in the process..

Mrs Richardson's hairy mole

Spanish class.

Crystal Mountain.
( although my favorite memory from there doesn't happen until high school)

glorifying the lord

Sleepover at Tims

The girls bathroom.

Mr. Shire

Mr. Prince.

"this is the captain calling.... if you can name 10 cars that start with the letter Z in 2 minutes
you'll win a $100 KHQ Cash!"

My first "chew"

Somesort of cheese-joke mishap.

My first tongue-in-mouth kiss
( yes that was you Jessica,
and you laughed at me, and I was embarrassed)

vandalizing the playground and being identified on the video that was being made of us.
( Jon you were part of this. )

Losing every single soccer game.

youth group

The feeling of being trapped



( I'll add more later.. )

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