Terra Chouinard Hentschel

Profile Updated: September 26, 2008
Residing In: Linden, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Jack Hentschel
Occupation: Sales,floral design, decorating
Children: Alex,born 1998 Emma,born 2000

Yes! Attending Reunion

Humm.. I think I've been pretty busy! My husband, Jack and myself have been married for 14 years!!! for the past 6 years we have been living in the Fenton/ Linden area. I work for a local event company. We plan and do weddings, parties, floral, ect... Our 2 kids keep me busy! School, Baseball, guitar lessons.. I love it! Jack and I have met a great group of friends here, and have become the host house for most get togethers.
We are the "party people" there is always something going on over here.( so ya'll might as well drop in) Who knew that the shy dork girl would become a party planner? lesson: don't judge the dorks :) I think thats in the bible

School Story:

I remember.... Hurlbuts,( we called them butt-hurls, because we were so rebellious), writing sentences, kids getting spanked!,someone in the desk in front of me peeing thier pants- you know who you are, sorry, I tried, but nobody forgets,tight rolled jeans w/ 3 pairs of layered socks- because thats how I rolled, bangs that I now refer to as the "claw",pre-planning to dress alike w/ the 2 Kris',oh and also singing in chapel and Mr Holbrook saying " hmmmm, right there.. " to get the tone right for us to sing "trust and obey"!!!! I can't believe I pulled that one out of the archives!

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Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
2008 Lake Huron
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Jack, Alex and our dog Daisy
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Emma and I
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All the children dressed up for Halloween
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2007 Disney Family Vacation Jack, Terra, Alex and Emma
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The Fam